Scratchy Sounds Hakkında

5 Temmuz 1976‘da, daha henüz günümüz Dj sıfatının ortalarda olmadığı dönemde Londranın klüplerinde ilginç müzik seçimleri ve cins mixing teknikleri kullanarak müzikal yaşantısına başlayan Scratchy herhalde o dönemin en önemli tanıklarından.

70’lerin underground müzikeri ile başlayan setlerinin getirdiği başarı ile  kariyerinin ilk dönemlerinde The Clash’in ard arda üç Amerika turnesinde yer alan Dj, dünya turnelerinde Iggy Pop, Blondie, The Cramps ve Black Uhuru gibi isimlerin warm –up dj’i olarak devam etti.

Efsane gruplarla yaşadığı yol maceralarının sonrasında  kariyerine  Scratch Sounds adını verdiği seçkileriyle devam eden Dj , Musical Shamanism adını verdiği kompilasyonlar yayınladı.

Scratchy ilerleyen dönemlerde Raggae, Dub, Ska, Afrika ve beats tarzlarında çalışmalar yaptı.

Kariyeri boyunca Scratchy Sounds seçkilerini, yaşadığı çağın müzikleri ile canlı tutmayı başaran Scratchy günümüze geldiğimizde eklektik setleri ile dinleyenlere hayli zengin bir müzikal yelpaze sunuyor.

2014 yılının ilk gecesinde Bologna’nın ünlü meydanı Piazza Magiore ‘de 30.000 kişiye çalan dj 2016 yılında 40 years of Scratcy Sounds adında başarılı bir dünya turnesine imza attı, turne Scratchy Sounds’un ve Dj’in 40 yılını kutladığı uzun soluklu bir maratona dönüştü.

About Scratchy Sounds

“It was Joe Strummer who first called me Scratchy. And I thought, ‘That’s a damn fine name for someone who plays records for a living’.”

Kicking off with his fourth tour of Japan in December of 2015 and continuing throughout 2016, 40 Years Of Scratchy Sounds celebrated the glorious mix of electrifying music that Scratchy has brought together over the four decades since he began to make his mark on the decks of London’s club scene. Following in the great tradition of sixties club DJs like Guy Stevens and Jeff Dexter, Scratchy had been paying his dues, knocking out the roots rockin’ rhythms and blues in the cheap dancehalls of North London since 1975.

Scratchy debuted at London’s notorious Speakeasy. But it was during his residency at Dingwalls Dancehall, when spinning the discs alongside the Ramones, on a life-changing red hot night in that momentous punk summer of ‘76, that Scratchy truly embarked on his adventure of dj’ing with many of the most exciting and innovative bands of the past forty years of globalista rock’n’roll. Tours with Dr. Feelgood led to his celebrated two years on the road with The Clash, an era which will be remembered with his forthcoming 2017 compilation Back In The Garage. Scratchy would reunite with Joe Strummer & his Mescaleros and has also worked closely with The Pogues, Gogol Bordello and The Slacker’s Vic Ruggiero, who he teams up with for their Vic’n’Scratchy Show.

DJ Scratchy has long been captivating crowds at home and on the international stage, spinning his fiery, unique sets at festivals from Asagiri and Ariano to Reggae Sun Ska and Sziget, of not only The Rock and The Roll of The World, but also those of Roots Rockin’ Rhythms & Blues and Reggae With A Twist, all branches of the same sturdy tree.

Over the years, Scratchy has travelled extensively, adding, in 2016, China, Thailand & South Africa to countries visited, expanding the range and depth of his musical knowledge, exploring the kind of eclectic global music that resonates with a similar spirit and energy to those sounds, so fundamental to his style, that have been driving him on throughout his life. In continuing his relationship with Joe Strummer, by linking up with The Mescaleros, he was then able to open up this musical window on the world for audiences, as always pushing the boundaries whilst keeping a tight connection to his own roots.

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